September 16, 2021

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S.O.S Survive or Sacrifice

SOS Survive or Sacrifice

Vision Films Inc. announced the acquisition of worldwide rights to the thriller that takes place in a runaway hot air balloon, S.O.S Survive or Sacrifice (S.O.S.), filmed in the stunning country of Cyprus.

Starring William Baldwin (Silver, Backdraft, Fair Game) and written and directed by Roman Doronin (Portrait of God, Lift), S.O.S. will be released on all major VOD platforms in North America in October 2020.

S.O.S Survive or Sacrifice also features performances from Jeannine Kaspar, Marianna Rosset, Zach Rose, Crystal Web and Diljohn Sidhu.


A hot air balloon joyride in Cyprus takes a dangerous turn when it becomes
untethered and the passengers ascend without a pilot. As they are pushed far out over the ocean, it’s a desperate fight for their lives where every choice they make could be the difference in their survival. The younger sister of one of the passengers is their only hope of rescue, but can she get to them in time?


SOS Survive or Sacrifice
SOS Survive or Sacrifice

S.O.S. Survive or Sacrifice is a truly international project: the production team, comprising highly skilled specialists from all over the world, not only greatly succeeded in working together on set, overcoming language barriers and cultural differences, but also completed post-production during the very difficult working constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic – managing
to pull the movie together from different points across Europe.

The actors, producers, writers, graphic designers, colorists, composers, sound and lighting crews, costume designers and make-up artists hailed from the USA, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Russia, Germany and the UK, and who all came together as one to create a movie that was technically demanding in many ways.

The movie’s unusual cinematographic premise of two spiritually strong young women stranded in a runaway hot air balloon also serves as a great vehicle to exemplify women’s independence and female resilience, strength of character, will to survive, and ability to overcome danger and impossible odds – something that reflects women’s lives all around the world.


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